Rescue at Syangboche (3725 M)

Syangboche airport

It is another pass route in the Everest Base Camp region. Syangboche pass is at an elevation of (3725 Meters), which passes through the trails of the Rocky Mountains and curvy tracks. Trekkers pass along this route while heading towards Everest Base Camp region. Our Helicharter rescue service is available for Syangboche pass. Majority of the cases in Everest base camp region is Altitude sickness, which is due to the decreasing air pressure in the high altitude region. Altitude sickness causes a decrease in physical fatigue and mental retardation. In addition to altitude sickness, there can be another inappropriate casualty. So, in such circumstances, appropriate Helicharter plan can be useful. Routes along the pass of Syangboche are not suitable for road rescue, so we recommend to include a Heli Charter service in your travel insurance package. Moreover, you can choose a separate Helicharter service for Everest Base Camp region.
Our Helicharter services provide a timely rescue in case of medical evacuations from Syangboche pass airport to the available Hospital.


  • Timely rescue from Syangboche (3725 Meters) to the Hospital (i.e., Kathmandu or any)
  • Oxygen cylinders in case of suffocations,
  • Accommodating support staffs, crew members, and flight operators.

We recommend the following self-preventions:

  • Take Prophylaxis before your trip,
  • Always check your Red Blood Cells before the trip,
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent the rise of Dehydration, as it helps to resist altitude sickness.
  • We recommend appropriate rest and steady trekking,
  • The proper diet plan should be implemented before the trip because it will help to tackle vomiting.

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