Rescue at Manaslu Region


Manaslu Region:
Manaslu region trekking extends more than 4000 meters, so trekking along the route of Manaslu region encounters excellent Himalayan views. Budhi Gandaki river, colorful forests, Tibetan heritages, panoramic mountains are some highlights of Manaslu circuit trekking. Moreover, the majestic view of Himchuli (7893m), Ganesh Himal (7319m), Shringi Himal (7187 m) and Manaslu Himal (8153m) arises during Manaslu trekking. Manaslu circuit trekking is one of the vast trekking routes in Nepal. Tibetan cultural influences are there among the locals within the Manaslu region.

Manaslu trekking extends as long up to the Tibetan plateau. So, trekking along the route can be dramatic yet challenging because sometimes travelers may face altitude sickness. Impact of altitude sickness arises with the increase in elevation, which can be challenging to overcome. Altitude sickness originates with the rise in elevation, and it is due to low air pressure and oxygen level. Road routes in such altitude region can be challenging, so in case of any evacuations, helicopter rescue is the last option. Our helicopter service is available, for Rescue from Manaslu regions, at a timely pace. We will rescue the suffocated traveler to the nearest Hospitals (i.e., or Kathmandu in extreme cases).

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