Rescue at Machhermo (4470 m)

Gokyo lakes trek

Trek to Gokyo (4790m) via Macherma, is a popular trekking destination which extends to Gokyo within the Everest region. Machermo to Gokyo lakes trek takes around 5 to 6 hours which encounters glorious mountain views and hostile locals. Moreover, our rescue team is always available at Machhermo pass, beneath Gokyo Ri and Everest base camp. Trekkers take Machhermo to Gokyo Lakes trek to reach base camp region because the altitude is little lesser. The major problem with Everest base camp trekking is altitude sickness, so proper preventive measures should be applied. Because the chance of altitude sickness may arise with the increase in altitude. Our Helicopter rescue at Machhermo is available for any medical evacuations.

We Rescue at Machhermo via helicopter and transfer the suffocated travelers to the available hospitals. Moreover, our helicopter rescue team will be available under any circumstances, and we have a hostile group of a rescue team. Altitude sickness may arise due to a decrease in air pressure and lower oxygen level — the dominant type of altitude sickness in Nepalese Himalayas in Acute Mountain Sickness. We recommend proper rescue planning, before trekking because it will assure your safer journey to majestic Nepalese Himalayas.


  • Proper rescue at Machhermo, via helicopter towards the feasible hospital (i.e., Kathmandu or any)
  • Oxygen cylinders in case of suffocations,
  • Accommodating support staffs, crew members, and flight operators.

We recommend the following self-preventions:

  • Do carry Prophylaxis, Acetazolamide because it will reduce dizziness, vomiting, headache, tiredness, nausea, & shortness of breath,
  • Be sure to check your Red Blood Cells before the trips.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent the rise of Dehydration, as it helps to resist altitude sickness.
  • We recommend Proper rest and steady trekking.
  • A good diet plan should be implemented before the trip because it will help to tackle vomiting.

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