Rescue at Lobuche (4910m)

Everest Base camp

It is a route at an altitude of 4910 Meters, near the Everest Base Camp. Trekker exploring the journey of Everest Base Camp discover the Lobuche region. The whole of EBC trekking comprises of complicated routes, which elevates towards the higher altitude region. So, there might be some casualties in the upper Himalayan region, mostly the altitude sickness. In majority cases, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), might affect the trekkers. So, we recommend you to take a proper travel insurance package, including medical evacuation for the Everest region. It helps to make your Everest Base Camp trekking safer and prominent.
Moreover, you can choose a separate Helicharter emergency rescue plan. Our Helicharter service offers a proper helicopter rescue operation. We provide Helicopter services on a timely basis, from Lobuche (4910 Meters) to the appropriate Hospital.


  • Timely rescue from Lobuche (4910 Meters) to appropriate Hospital (i.e., Kathmandu or any)
  • Oxygen cylinders in case of suffocations,
  • Supportive crew members, staffs, and flight operators.

Some Self Preventive measures:

  • We recommend plenty of water because dehydration might be a significant factor for altitude sickness
  • Always check your blood pressure before the journey.
  • Take, Prophylaxis before your trip.
  • Be calm and take ample rest while trekking.
  • Vomiting can be an issue so take proper diet before your destination.

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