Rescue at Langtang

Langtang valley trek

Rescue from Langtang region:
Langtang region passes in the Nepalese Himalayas, to the north of Kathmandu valley bordering Tibet. The major Highlight of Langtang region is the Langtang National Park, which is one of the best national parks in Nepal. Langtang National Park has many glorious beauties, including green hills, floras faunas, colorful forests, wildlife, etc. Similarly, holy Gosainkunda Lake, Kyanjin Gompa, and Tamang village are another spotlights of Langtang region. Langtang valley trek is very famous for trekking, climbing, and rafting, so there is a top demand for tourism package in Langtang valley trek. Trekking in Langtang region extends up to 3800m (Kyanjin Gompa) / 4773m (Kyanjin Ri). So, with the rise in altitude, the risk of altitude sickness may arise. However, with proper helicopter medical evacuation, there will be a timely rescue of suffocated travelers. Moreover, our rescue operation is not only limited to altitude sickness but in any unpleasant situations, you can remember us. We provide convenient helicopter rescue operation from the Langtang region.

Our rescue team will land at the spot based on your authorization for medical evacuation. We will transfer the suffocated patience towards the available Hospital. So, In case of an emergency, we will directly land at the Hospital.

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